Monday, 7 March 2016

SKO 2016- Speech by Mr Sunny Yap

To all my friends, I hope you can take some time to read my long post ahead. I really want to share with you all some life lessons that I have learnt. Please read it with an open mind.

SKO 2016

5 words to those who did not come: 可惜你没来 (too bad you didn't come). I was one of the privileged people to be sitting there and listen to Sunny's speech about his "The last 30 days of his life" this afternoon.

One year ago, my boss Sunny Yap, Executive Director in Great Eastern, founding member of Advisors Alliance Group, was diagnosed with aneurysm. Two balloons has grown at an inaccessible place at the back of his head.

1. Three possibilities- 1. Death, 2. Permanent Paralysis, 3. Alive and recovery.
2. The best doctors in Singapore said there wasn't any hope for this.
3. He have only 33% chance of survival after consulting an American doctor.

What amazes me was that he did not have any room for negativity to grow. Commonly and inevitably, negativity will grow and consume you after receiving such news. However, Sunny knew that negativity is contagious and he did not want anyone to worry. To contain it, he chose to change his perspectives. All he thought was, "Wow! I am so luckily to have 30 more days to say goodbye to my family members."

Did Sunny not have any fears?

He did not fear death, but he feared separation from his loved ones. He feared the idea that his family members will have to fend for themselves if he were to pass on. Most of us tend to let fear consume us, but Sunny made fear worked for him. He courageously went on to do his surgery, and miraculously, he survived.

Who knew that a man could have such great mental capability to remain calm in the face of death?

With great mental capability, anything would be possible and can be achieved :)